Please use this form to send me an email, and please be sure to enter your email address correctly! If you do not, I cannot respond to you!

PLEASE, before sending me an email, make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Read the FAQ.
  • If your question is for technical help, make sure you read all the articles thoroughly – that means the tutorials and documentation pages, if applicable.
  • If you are having trouble getting a game to work, please make sure you did all the suggested troubleshooting steps first.
  • If you’re trying to do something with a donor cartridge that is not detailed on the website already, please Google your question or ask elsewhere. I will not help you troubleshoot anything relating to a donor cart, unless it is related to standard use of my adapter PCBs.

Many emails I get have answers that are found within the website, so to cut down on my email traffic and improve response times, it’d help me a lot if you checked for your answer on the website first! Time spent answering emails is less time spent on making new things, filling orders, and improving the website. But, if you still have a question, I will try my hardest to respond, normally between 10 PM and midnight EST on nights that I am available. But please understand if it takes a bit longer. My email volume is large – my time is not!

Again, I cannot commit time to helping with donor cartridges. Please see places like the Nesdev forums or discords to ask these questions.

Thanks 🙂