29F016, 29F032, 29F033 TSOP-to-SNES Programming Adapter (TL866)

Buy the 29F016/032/033 Breakout Board Programming Adapter from my store!

This adapter is specifically for programming the 16 Mbit or 32 Mbit TSOP EEPROMs 29F016 and 29F032 or 29F033. The programming adapter reroutes the pinout of the SNES Mask ROM to the 40-pin TSOP adapter for use with the TL866 MiniPro programmer. This way, you can solder your EEPROMs to the TSOP-to-SNES boards, but still program or reprogram them. This is helpful if you find you programmed something wrong and need to change it, without having to take the TSOP package off the board.

How to Use the Programming Adapter

This programming adapter was the very first board I ever made! The adapter now has space for a ZIF socket, but regular female sockets work just fine.


All you need to do is put the adapter in the MiniPro in the correct orientation as indicated by the notch at the top of the board, and then place your TSOP-to-SNES board in the 36-pin socket. Once you’re finished programming, take it out and put it in your SNES board for use! Make sure you put it in the correct orientation.

How the Adapter Works

The 29F016, 032, and 033 are surface mount EEPROMs. Both the TL866 and TL866II support this EEPROM, however you’ll need a surface mount programming adapter to do so. These are pretty expensive, so a cheaper option is to solder the TSOPs to the TSOP-to-SNES breakout board, like mine, and make an adapter to program the chips mounted on the breakout board.


The breakout board rewires the TSOP EEPROMs to the standard SNES pinout. So, we can make an adapter that changes the SNES pinout back to the TSOP pinout from the official TSOP surface mount programming adapter.

Here’s a list of the pins you need to route from the TSOP-to-SNES board to your programmer.

tsop adapter.png

7 thoughts on “29F016, 29F032, 29F033 TSOP-to-SNES Programming Adapter (TL866)

      • Am I correct in assuming that the TSOP-to SNES adapter is the same thing as the DIP36-TSOP40 Adapter (III) you have linked on buyICnow.com, or is the pinout different? Looks like there is a version IV that doesn’t require bridging R1 or R3. Unfortunately shipping from buyICnow.com is several times more expensive than the components themselves and mrTentacle is out of stock, so I’m looking for another source. Know of any?
        Also, if I want to make the cart flashable with something like the Open Source Cartridge Reader, then it looks like the chip-side pad of R3 is WE and I would need remove the bridge and jumper it to the WR pin on the SRAM instead, per info here: https://github.com/sanni/cartreader/wiki/Reflashing-SNES-Repros
        Does that look correct to you?


        • I think that’s right, but I honestly haven’t looked at a buyicnow adapter board in years, lol. So I don’t know the pinout exactly.

          In fact.. my next PCB order contains a sanni cart reader, and my own TSOP boards. So they are in the works! No exact timeline right now though.


  1. Nice! I’ve been meaning to order your programming adapter anyway. I’ll wait a couple months to see if you put your TSOP boards up for sale as well. I suppose you could even create future revisions of your SNES CART and TSOP adapter that don’t require the bodge wire between the WE and WR pins, since you’re in control of both… or, for that matter, a cart PCB that accepts the the TSOP chips directly if the Sanni cart reader proves a viable programming option.


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